Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is everyone here like this?

A visitor from D.C. asked me this question as we waited in a long line at the Prytania Theater during the Human Rights Festival.

"Pretty much," I said. When it looked like several of us would not get a seat, a couple of folks offered theirs to her. Another guy said he'd buy the CD and drop it off to us the next day to watch for free. We'd all gotten into a conversation, several noting how remarkable so many would turn out to see a film about sexual abuse in the priesthood. One latecomer said he'd assumed he'd be alone in the movie house.

I continued to counsel our visitor with alternative plans for the evening - art films at Canal Place, drinks at St. Joe's on Magazine, or Beausoleil at The columns. "What's that?" she asked. A famous Cajun band.

Most of us opted to sit on the floor or stand in the balcony for the 60-minute documentary. Then she took off to hear Beausoleil.

Nobody is like this in D.C., she said. They wouldn't talk to you. Oh, everybody talks to everybody here, I said.

I found the CD in my mailbox the next day with a business card from Green Bean spray foam cellulose insulation company.


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  2. My wife and I are coming to New Orleans (ironically from DC as well) next week to work with Habitat and for some R&R. I'd be interested to hear more suggestions on where to go and what to do. We visited last year on a volunteer trip and fell in love with the city. We discovered Frenchmen St. on our last night in town. Looking for anything off the beaten path. Thanks for the help.