Saturday, February 27, 2010

Italian discovers New Orleans

Times-Pic Letter to the Editor: NOLA fan can't wait to return

I'm an Italian graduate student studying in Boston, and I'm writing this letter to share how I fell in love with New Orleans during Mardi Gras 2010 and how this changed some of my ideas and understandings about the United States and some of its citizens.

What I found in New Orleans was a mix of national feelings, culture and warm people. I enjoyed every second that I spent with the family that hosted me, and I remained astonished while interacting with people, as this was different from where I live and other places I have visited throughout the world.

In New Orleans, everyone wanted to give me good feelings even during the most common routines such as buying something or asking directions! This warmness is unique worldwide.

I realize that there is a very strong community feeling and people are proud of being part of the New Orleans dream. I think that the people I met love New Orleans so much that they were able to let other people love it as well.

I'm now back in my Boston office, but I came back enriched with some remarkable feelings. I've found a place in the United States where life goes on in a calm way and people are so warm and genuine that foreigners fall in love with the city.

All my lab mates now know how incredible the people in New Orleans are, and I'm looking forward to visiting this great city as soon as possible. Renato Umeton, Cambridge, Mass.


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