Friday, October 15, 2010

Newcomb alums still fighting for college


Yesterday the Louisiana 4th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a narrowly divided (3 to 2) ruling in favor of Tulane in the Newcomb College case. To read the opinion and dissent, please visit our Website,

The Future of Newcomb College issued this statement:  

"Today’s 3-2 decision against Susan Henderson Montgomery by the Fourth  Circuit Court of Appeals threatens the rights of all donors in the State of Louisiana and is an affront to the late Josephine Louise Newcomb, founding benefactor of Newcomb College.

Fortunately, Judge Dennis Bagneris and Judge Max Tobias understand the complexities of this case and provided a well-supported and documented dissent that supports the position of Ms. Henderson Montgomery.

In the dissent, written by Judge Tobias, the two judges point out that ‘one must consider the whole history of Mrs. Newcomb’s donations’ when reviewing this case.  The other judges that made up the five-judge panel failed to do so, and therefore ‘reach[ed] an erroneous conclusion.’

The Future of Newcomb College will be conferring with Ms. Henderson Montgomery to determine whether she would like to ask the Louisiana Supreme Court to hear the case.  If Ms. Montgomery decides to move forward, we believe the Supreme Court will find, as did Judges Bagneris and Tobias, that ‘Mrs. Newcomb’s donations to the Tulane Board were subject to a condition and charge’ which legally require Tulane to ‘reopen and operate the H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College in the same manner and condition as it was operated in July 2005 and to restore Newcomb College’s endowments’.”

As we confer on how to move forward, we would like to hear from you. Please send your comments to, or leave us a message at 206-337-5505.


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