Friday, January 21, 2011

Mardi Gras lifts spirits

My front door
You hardly have a chance to feel the post-holiday blues around here, no less Saints-losing glum because Mardi Gras is upon you almost right away.

Carnival season begins on the feast of the Epiphany - that's when the Three Wise Men discovered the baby Jesus in the manger, just 12 days after Christmas.

Down come the holiday lights and up goes the Mardi Gras wreath in gold, green and purple. It's like eating a sugar donut before your blood sugar dips to make sure your energy doesn't sag.

I hardly heard a peep about the Saints' loss, even though it took them out of the Super Bowl. Oh yes, Ralph, my 96-year-old landlord was disappointed because he lives for football season (it's kept him alive this long), but the rest of us have other  things to look forward to. Somebody I met last night was already planning his parade routes.

We're all pleased that Mardi Gras falls a bit later this year because it's been cold for those first parades. That means, if you have a skimpy costume, you won't freeze to death - because you're certainly not going to compromise the costume to accommodate the weather. The Pussyfooters and Camel Toe Lady Steppers dance troupes aren't going to cover up their costumes because the weather's below 50. (Just have another drink!) I thought about auditioning for the Pussyfooters, but then realized I could buy my own pink wig and feather boa and prance down the street with or without them.

King Cakes are out in force. Every grocery store has a display at the front door, making them hard to resist. We were warned at the Weight Watchers' meeting to watch out for King Cake - filled or unfilled - they'll blow your points out of the ballpark.

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