Friday, December 2, 2011

It's only a bit cooler in New Orleans

If the climate change deniers still have their doubts, flowering trees are blooming. The trees "think" it is spring. Actually, the roses are quite nice. They're hardy, so can tolerate a cool night if they're getting sun during the day. I really don't mind it as I can still take a pleasant run around the park or walk down to St. Charles along State Street as I did last night, enjoying the Christmas lights, and I'm quite comfortable wearing a hoodie.

A friend from Rhode Island who's planning to visit in January asked about the weather. I told her last month, if it is any clue, I've got the AC running.

All this is good news for homeless people and Occupiers, I suppose, and maybe folks who live in Traverse City, but I'm not sure Eskimos and polar bears would agree. You're not supposed to have hibiscus in bloom at the same time as poinsettias, but there you have it.

That doesn't stop anybody from wearing knee-high boots and long scarves. We're still fashionable!

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