Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ET lands in Holy Cross

I live near the Mississippi River. In other places, there are flood lights on the levee to light the way of people strolling along its banks. But here, it is very dark. I'd say, pitch black.

Driving home tonight, it looked like the USS Enterprise had landed at the foot of my street. Towering above my little house were lights and booms. A ship was docked at the wharf. It isn't much of a dock, but I guess big enough to provide a resting place for a huge ship.

Mosquito Hawk
Ships from all over the world come up and down the river. Most of them have names I can't even recognize. They're from Eastern Europe and Africa.

We've got a sugar refinery nearby in Chalmette. I assume we ship sugar to the four corners of the earth. There's this massive body of water and we know so little about what goes on there.

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