Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Southern women love their dresses

I'm a woman who enjoys wearing a dress. This has nothing to do with feminism or the lack of it. There's just something about a waisted dress with a full skirt, swishing about my legs as I walk. Of course, dresses are cooler in the hot weather, which NOLA has plenty of from May on. In some other parts of the country, it's become difficult even to find a cute dress. They've been given up in lieu of pants, jeans or shorts, straight skirts or even - horrors - warm-up suits!
Finding a darling dress is easy, shopping along Magazine Street or in the Quarter, where one boutique after another displays adorable polka dot, striped and floral sundresses, strapless and spaghetti-strapped.

All that's needed then, after finding the perfect dress, is getting the right sunhat...

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