Monday, June 25, 2007

If you're walkin' to New Orleans, you can still resole your shoes

A shoe repair is a hard thing to find in many parts of the country, but not so in New Orleans. My mother taught me to preserve my clothes, but that has become more challenging in this disposible culture.

I had a conversation with a shoe repairman in Illinois about a year ago when I took a pair of boots in for new heels. He told me when he had a shop in the mall, teenagers would laugh at the very idea of repairing a pair of shoes. Obviously, they had shoes that could easily be exchanged, but sometimes I have a very special pair that cannot be replaced.

At Edwards on Magazine Street, they make no secret: they can and will repair anything. Every sort of shoe, belt and bag is hanging on the wall outside the store.

Now, I have never owned either a Gucci or Louis Vuitton bag, but surely hope to, and certainly would fix it if it broke.

Edwards' sign pledges:

I Will heel you
I Will save your sole
I will EVEN DYE for you.

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