Monday, February 11, 2008

Tourist enjoys a sparkly day

Letter to the Times-Picayune editor from a Littleton, Colo., tourist...

"Early one morning last week, I walked a quiet, clean Royal Street from the Mississippi to my hotel.

In Jackson Square, the walkways and streets were being pressure-washed. The park between St. Louis Cathedral and the river looked like a big picnic blanket waiting for people. It exuded the joy of being alive.

A shop owner, dressed in a sparklng white shirt, with a yellow tie as radiant as a freshly painted traffic stripe, walked into the middle of Royal and picked up a squashed plastic bottle and a discarded napkin.

A waiter at my hotel thanked us for coming to New Orleans. Shop owners were cordial and happy to see us. The food, as always, was wonderful. the D-Day Museum bustled and the streets were happy with music.

After several trips over the years to New Orleans, I've never appreciated the city so much as I did last week.

I'm sorry for your losses, but elated by your guts and perseverance. the old gal cleans up pretty good."

Alan C. Iannacito

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