Sunday, June 15, 2008

Always a new way to celebrate

When I was in college in New Orleans decades ago, if there was a festival almost every weekend, I was not aware of it. Perhaps I was too engrossed in my studies or campus life or it might be a "new" phenomenon.

This weekend is the (combined) Louisiana Cajun-Zydeco/Creole Tomato/Seafood Festival, which mesh together nicely. Yesterday at the Old U.S. Mint, Cajun dancers were stomping, sweating and swinging to the Cajun sounds. Two Grammy Award winners - The Zydeco Experience and BeauSoleil with Michael Doucet - belted out the songs with guitars, drums, accordians and washboards. It is raining hard right now, so wonder if that will stop the fete today, but I sincerely doubt it. There is plenty of seafood - crawfish bisque, crawfish pies, crab rolls, BBQ shrimp and plenty of alcohol to keep the dancers energized.

A little late, but still fun, are photos from the Gay Easter Parade - a different twist on Judy Garland's theme.

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