Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The weather is so fine, it is a joy to be alive

Absolutely EVERYone is out enjoying the gorgeous spring weather today, which includes crisp breezes, clear sunny skies and constant bird songs.

I ran this evening around Audubon Park past dog-walkers, baby strollers, grazing horses, picnickers taking photos of posing geese, softball players, horseback riders, park bench sitters and the like. Suddenly, I was passed by none other than James Carville, who - if he is trying to lose weight - should just STOP. He's lost enough weight and enough hair for all of us. Carville and his wife have an Uptown home. He is teaching a popular political science class at Tulane University.

I parked by the Whitney pool, looking for a sign noting an opening date, and was addressed by the life guard and swim coach, recognizing me from last year. He said they just filled up the pool, which would "probably" be open June 1st, but if I came by tomorrow afternoon, he'd probably let me swim, because I am a regular. That's how it is here.

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