Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ode to an Oyster

Simon Hardeveld, a French sign painter who was featured in one my early 2007 blog posts, is still memorializing the dead with park art.

He built a shrine at the corner of Magazine and Jackson to Vera, a Katrina victim whose body lay unattended for days following the storm.

And now, he's erected a cross for the thousands (millions?) of doomed oysters lying on the Gulf floor beneath a liquid blanket of oil.

Other forms of activist public art include bus bench signs put up anonymously along Magazine Street, showing a baby crying for the Gulf Coast. She is our future - one that will be robbed of all the riches we've so enjoyed.

You can reach him at 504-524-8201


  1. my wife loved the signs we were seeing around new orleans by Simon Hardeveld when we visited last year from wisconsin. i've looked online but can't seem to find a place to buy them. any ideas?

  2. His shop is on Jackson at Magazine Street- across from the flag store - Miss Lily's Jackson Flea Market. I don't see a phone number in the directory, but could stop by sometime. It took him almost a YEAR to make me a small sign I commissioned, although you could probably walk in and buy whatever he has on the "floor" - there's a LOT. He's a true artiste in the sense of being sort of disorganized and unbusinesslike. I don't think anything is mass-produced - all unique. You might also try Dr. Bob in the Bywater.