Monday, September 20, 2010

Mourners of Irish bar celebrate new locale

Only in New Orleans would 100 people turn out to mark the change of ownership for a corner bar, parading with a brass band to its new location. But this is no ordinary bar. Parasol's arguably made the best roast beef po'boys in the city and without a doubt held the best St. Patrick's Day block party. It's been in the Irish Channel at the corner of Third and Constance for some 58 years.

Building owner Bill Hock put the place up for sale last summer and current manager Jeff Carreras decided to take his business a few blocks over to Magazine Street.

The "new" location had been tried by more than a couple of owners who could never draw a big enough crowd to make the large space work. Driving by tonight and seeing crowds of revelers pouring out to the sidewalk, I don't think it will be a problem again. Renamed Tracey's for a 1940s Irish pub predating Parasol's, the bar will retain its great menu and loyal staff.


  1. When one thinks about New Orleans, the memories flow to a great meal, a funky bar with great music or even just the distinctive smell in the air on a summer evening. Having gone to Tulane and visited often, I can also say that Parasol's made a mean roast beef po'boy. On a recent trip, I went to Domilisie's for arguably one of the best oyster po' boys in the city. Sheer bliss... I almost got one for the road....

  2. I hate to tell you I live one block from Domilise and regularly see The Man walking his dog down our street.