Monday, September 13, 2010

We're all Saints Fans Now

This has a much better sound and implication than "We're all New Yorkers now" (post-9/11) or "We're all New Orleanians Now" (post-K). The Loveable Losers are now Returning Victors and everyone wants to get on that ship.

The Saints' opening game against the Minnesota Vikings was televised on NBC prime-time. Olympics-level coverage on NBC and its cable networks was unprecedented.

"Reporters for CNBC and MSN-BC are in the Crescent City," wrote Times-Pic TV critic Dave Walker. "Brian Williams, Matt Lauer and Al Roker are here (again)," he reported.

"'This is a very proud city, and this team and that (Super Bowl) win means so much to this region," said Mike McCarley, senior vice president of strategic marketing, promotions and communications for NBC Universal sports and Olympics...and it's not just fans of the Saints. It's football fans across America,'" reported the T-P.

We used to laugh at the Saints who rarely won a game and their ridiculous, hopeless fans. But I would hate to be the opposing team in this town now. The atmosphere is unbeatable. Not that the city is vengeful, it just feels its just due.

What rival team could survive tens of thousands of Saints fans in black and gold regalia chanting Who dat?

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