Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fringe Festival

This is not an unusual sight in the Bywater neighborhood, where a person riding a bicycle masquerading as a steer, or wearing a zebra costume, is not something out of the ordinary.  

A woman dancing on top of a float dressed as a pig might be worth a mention unless you'd already seen the same outfit during the St. Anne parade at Mardi Gras. It was difficult to tell if she was the same dancer, though she had a lot of endurance.

The parade was part of the Fringe Festival's activities, which center in that artsy neighborhood. There was a arts & crafts fair on Franklin where they sold tickets to the many performances that were taking place throughout the weekend. 

I was tempted to buy a beaded crown or a feathered headband, both of which could come in handy in this town, but decided to hold off till I get next year's Mardi Gras costume firmed up. I did fall for a pair of Saint's earrings, which I can wear right away. 

There are other Fringe Festivals - one in Scotland that is much more famous and there was one in Chicago, too. But I bet the one in New Orleans is the fringiest. And that says a lot.

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