Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Louisiana skies something to see

View from my storage facility overlooking the Blue Plate Mayonnaise factory
New Mexico has some beautiful skies - I give it that. And Colorado has great expanse. But Louisiana has gorgeous skies almost every day of the week, no matter where you are.

It must have something to do with the moisture content in the air (see previous post on constant Humidity 10/25/2010). Even the view from my storage locker is magnificent.

And check out these billowy clouds over the Central Business District. They are just like a 19th century painting. You almost expect to see the hand of God reaching down for you.

I've seen amazing sunsets driving home over the Mississippi River bridge, but hesitate to take a photo for fear of risking my life and those of several dozen other people.

So you must trust me, driving from the West Bank at dusk, the sky, c'est magnifique!

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