Monday, December 20, 2010

The holidays are happening in New Orleans

The temperature finally dropped below 65 degrees and everybody pulled out their knitted hats with ear flaps. Brr...Put on your Mukluks so your feet don't freeze!

Seriously, it only stays cold here for a couple of months, so you really could get away with layering, but everybody loves their colorful scarfs and boots, so why not get into the mood of the season?

In Chicago, this weather would only seem brisk and you'd still see some hardy folks wearing shorts.

Colored lights are very delightful and look marvelous on the old, uptown homes.

We don't get into inflatables, blinking lights or Santa's reindeer on the rooftops so much, but just some colorful strings on the gingerbread or fir boughs along the balcony.

I heard thousands of people went down to Jackson Square on Sunday to carol by candlelight.

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