Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love flows during French Quarter Festival

Thanks for a mayor with a heart:
A letter to the Times-Picayune editor

Pete Fountain reacts as he gets a smooch from the Mayor at French Quarter Festival kick-off.

When I looked at the front page of the newspaper today and saw Mayor Landrieu kissing Pete Fountain -- one of New Orleans most famous musicians and characters -- it brought not only a big smile to my face but a sense of pride.
It made me feel not only how lucky we are to have so many talented people in our city but a mayor who appreciates, loves and cherishes all that we are known for and all we have gone through to get here.
After coming home from the French Quarter Festival I once again was so grateful to have been born and raised and still living in this wonderful place.
Thanks, Mitch, for all you are doing to keep our beloved city moving forward on a bright path to the future . Our best days are ahead!
Connie P. Keller
New Orleans

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