Monday, September 5, 2011

A great day for ducks

Photo: Rusty Costanza, Times-Picayune
We are feeling pretty soggy, following three straight days of rain. After being house-bound so long, I decided to take a rainy walk around the park.

The lagoon is overflowing its banks and the No Fishing sign almost submerged. Birds are chirping and ducks quacking, however, so it's clear that foul weather suits all types of fowl.

I saw a couple gathering Spanish moss (what for?) and folks walking across the golf course on paths usually restricted to golfers, presumably reassured they wouldn't be conked in the head by a golf ball today. Plus the usual walkers and joggers. It is unseasonably and pleasantly cool.

Photo: Michael DeMocker

Up on the river bank, I noted a swiftly flowing current. A U.S. Coast Guard cruiser was traveling upstream, perhaps monitoring the condition of the levees. I'd never before seen the Coast Guard on the Mississippi. Amazingly, a spirited match was taking place in the slick grass of the new soccer field.

Major flooding occured at the lakefront, but from the photos, seems like it didn't stop residents from having fun.
Photo: Michael DeMocker, Times-Picayune

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