Sunday, December 11, 2011

Everybody's bundling up

Mojo nestled in the scarf drawer.
Holiday weather has finally arrived. We've felt 40 degrees on more than one occasion and I've brought the hibiscus into the shed a couple of nights to save the blooms.

The problem is not that the air is so cold, but that we are so ill-prepared. Some houses don't even have heat. I've got a floor heater, but the doors and windows aren't properly sealed so the warmer air seeps out every crack and crevice.

And almost everyone has 15-foot ceilings! These are lovely and functional in the warmer months when the heat rises, but not at all helpful when the heat is hanging out near the ceiling in December and January.

We also don't have the right clothes - I mean, serious socks, shoes, wool pants and overcoats.

My neighbor has dressed her little dachshund in a red sweater. I think the dog, named Babette, likes it more for style than warmth. She runs around the yard constantly, so she can't be cold, but she appears to be showing off.

The issue in New Orleans is humidity, which is bone-chilling. And if it's windy, watch out! The best thing about a winter here is the season does not last long. By Mardi Gras, it will be warm again. Or maybe even next week.

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