Friday, December 23, 2011

Philanthropist donates fir trees to Broadmoor

Photo credit: David Grunfeld, Times-Picayune
"A blessing from God," said Alberta Augustus as she picked up an abandoned Christmas tree at the corner of Leonidas and Willow streets in New Orleans.

"I don't know who is leaving the trees in our neighborhood, but it is a blessing. I want to thank that person that has been dropping off the trees for at least three years," Augustus said.

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  1. The benefactor, Chad Harris, just e-mailed me. He and his wife own a nursery where they sell, decorate and deliver Christmas trees.

    "It's like being the real Santa Claus because they never see us coming. We've been doing this since Katrina and, after seeing the reaction from people this year, we will do this forever no matter what. A few people figured it out and tracked me down to tell me what a wonderful thing we've done. See, my wife Beth and I believe that you have to give more than you take in this world in order to continue receiving."