Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another amazing night at the Ogden

This blur is a Mardi Gras Indian dancing at one of our local institutions of fine art. The Ogden Museum of Southern Art features music on Thursday nights and last week it was 101 Drummers, featuring Big Chief Monk Boudreaux.

Craziness at the museum
I could only find a tiny place to stand on the stairway ascending to the third level, which is why these pictures are out of focus.

During French colonial days, escaped slaves mixed up with the local Indians and this is the crazy concoction that resulted - vibrantly colored feathers and beads and frenzied dances to a never ending Afro-American beat. It's hard to describe, but difficult to forget.

The museum crowd went wild.

I saw a facebook friend at a recent book signing. She and I met on Mardi Gras Super Sunday, St. Joseph's Day, standing at the gate where all the tribes gather in Taylor Park in Central City. I took 200 photos; she took 300 and we could have taken even more.

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