Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Orleans has color

New Orleans has nothing else if it doesn't have color.

I passed this house while jogging yesterday and had to return with my camera. It was the picture of Mardi Gras.

I parked askew on the corner and another car pulled up behind me. A woman opened the door and let out her young daughter. Both were wearing the same chartreuse as the paint color on the house and flag. And chartreuse clothing is not easy to find! I know because I like it, too.

We got into a long conversation about color and my blog and the newspaper business and traffic and girls' soccer. It was like many New Orleans conversations. I never got her name, but I did get a picture and I'll probably run into them again at the grocery or Walgreens.

I told her the name of my blog and that I never run out of things special about New Orleans to write about. She agreed, that was one of the wonderful aspects of living here. Every day there's something special.

Today, it was meeting them.


  1. and special too to have an admirer/blogger stop by to say so.
    thanks, we enjoyed talking with you too!
    new orleanians see so many eye-watering details in the homes and yards that we past daily, it's nice to take minute - or 15! - to enjoy.

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