Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Singin' and ridin' up Annunciation

I was talking about taxes to my Chicago accountant last week. "What's that noise?" she interrupted.

"Oh, somebody riding down the street, singing," I said nonchalantly.

There are often bike riders on Annunciation, a quiet side street. Folks can ride down the middle without fear of cars. It's not uncommon to hear somebody singing. The other day, I heard "Amazing Grace."

"Is the door open?" the CPA asked incredulously. I realized the weather was probably still pretty cold in Chicago even though we are well into spring. We've already had our first round of blossoms and are into our second wave.
Yep, I had the front door wide open with the screen door keeping kitty inside though she longed to romp among the clover.

"Are those birds?" Yep - lots of birds. We have big trees, bushes and power lines giving birdies many places to perch.

Tonight is gospel night at the First Missionary Baptist Church.

Sometimes the preaching gets pretty loud and I wonder if I should go over to see if everything is all right. The sign says, "All Welcome."

They've got the kind of stained glass windows you can buy at Home Depot and glue onto regular glass, but I am sure God is there.

I'm tempted to go and probably will someday. The Unity God is forgiving and their God might not be so lax. I hear the word "repent" repeated loudly. I'm not quite ready for that.

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