Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wednesday at the Square is one big, monthly block party for the city every spring. In Lafayette Square, which used to be a hangout for the homeless, the Young Leadership Council has a free concert drawing hundreds of folks of all ages and persuasions grooving to New Orleans' local sounds.

The event has become so popular, I don't go as often, but can still squirm my way to the front of the crowd not far from the stage to get a closer look.

Last week, the headliner was Tab Benoit, our sexy savior of the swamps. I'm not sure exactly what Tad's got, but he definitely does. Could be the Louisiana accent, deep husky voice, dark wavy hair or rolled-up sleeves, but it's absolutely there and every woman in the crowd sees it.

Combine that with Big Sam playing athletically on the trombone in a way you've never heard horns before. (The San Francisco Chronicle called Sam, "the top man on the slide trombone in the birthplace of jazz.")

The crowd was going wild with Louisiana pride. People would pay big money for a performance like that, but it's free just by the chance of living here.

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