Sunday, July 15, 2012

Letter to the editor re: historic preservation

As a new, frequent visitor to the city, I'm writing to compliment the work of the New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission as well as the citizens of this fine city.

I've watched their meetings on the local government news access channel with awe. The commitment of both the committee members and local people to preserve the historical integrity of New Orleans homes and businesses is impressive, especially considering the immense challenges presented in the aftermath of Katrina.

As anyone who has attended these meetings knows, this is a painstaking task. I grew up in a city on the shores of Lake Ontario where city planners didn't think twice before tearing down historical neighborhoods and replacing them with ugly, corporate, big box stores and dwellings.

The long-term economic implications of these rash decisions have been devastating. New Orleans is my new favorite city to visit, spend my tourist dollars and enthusiastically encourage my friends to see.

There is no city comparable in the United States, considering the unique people, culture and architectural aesthetics. Thank you to the committee and community members who sit through long meetings, treat each other with respect and work hard to keep New Orleans what it is: an amazing place.

Mary Schlieder
Holland, Neb.

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