Saturday, August 11, 2012

Always something special about New Orleans

One morning this week, I was hurrying to make it on time to a breakfast meeting at the Windsor Court Hotel to hear about the glories of radio advertising and integrating it with the mysteries of the Internet. I wasn't sure if our host radio station planned to validate parking, so I just opted to park on the street, which wasn't so difficult at that time of day.

As I was inserting my credit card into one of the newfangled Pay-to-Park devices, a man wearing a black tuxedo who was rushing past, tapped me on the arm to offer his parking ticket. "I've already paid for two hours and you can have it," he said. I hit cancel on the transaction and placed his ticket on my dashboard.

A half hour later, while I was enjoying eggs and sausage, the same man came by my table. He was a banquet waiter at the business breakfast! I smiled and nodded my acknowledgement.

They say New Orleans has a class society, but I'd say it's pretty darn fluid.

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