Saturday, August 4, 2012

Drew Brees finally accepts offer

Jodie Trainor and Reese pose with Saints quarterback Drew Brees at training camp.
The city was breathless waiting for Drew Brees to decide if $2 zillion was enough to sign another Saints contract. I know that it is important to the city to win football games. It makes people happy and want to spend money. People buy drinks and dinner and stay overnight in hotels. Saints' victories has made other Americans think better about New Orleans and New Orleanians feel better about themselves. I just don't understand why Drew needs so much money.

Now he will earn more than any quarterback ever. Or maybe more than any football player ever. So, he'll have a nest egg for retirement and college tuition for the kids. And his wife won't have to take a job.

Many people wrote into the newspaper, saying we could spend that same money to build schools! or hospitals! help the elderly and the indigent! Others insisted that Drew deserved every penny and shouldn't settle for less.

Apparently, he didn't have to. We still love him even though he earns more than almost anyone in the United States except maybe Donald Trump.

I know he's good looking and upbeat. Who wouldn't be if they had that life. Of course, you can't play football forever. And there are the injuries to consider.

I guess he'd better play well and win those games. Otherwise, it will be money down the drain.

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