Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Miss Dot with Babette
This is Miss Dot with her puppy, Babette. Her children thought a dog might keep her active and keep her company, but he makes her kind of, well, dotty.

Babette likes to tear around the yard, barking at every passerby. We have many on our street, either walking or riding bicycles.

Babette has a little friend, a cat named Jacob, who comes into the yard to play. The two chase each other in circles. Babette bites Jacob's ears and tail 'till he hisses back. That generally stops her.

I told Dottie about a recent trip I took. She confided that she'd done some traveling when a widower friend invited her along on his European tour. Imagine that! Dottie going abroad with a gentleman friend - but that was a few years back.

Dottie never learned how to drive, but she gets around. She walks to the grocery store and takes a cab every week to bingo.

I see her reading the paper in the morning, rocking in her front porch swing as Babette explores the yard.

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