Saturday, December 15, 2012

The levee is a wonderful thing

The levee is a marvelous invention. It mostly keeps the water where it is supposed to be - in the river - and out of where it should not - my house.

Also, it makes a great walking, jogging and biking path and a place to chat with neighbors. If you have a dog, he'd enjoy running on the levee. It is a good place to meditate or mull things over, as well.

On our levee, we have pelicans, egrets, herons, cranes, butterflies, mice and opossum. That's what I have seen so far.

Yesterday, I saw a praying mantis - they are supposed to mean good luck. The river makes a fine habitat for small creatures.

Because the levee is so high, you can appreciate the horizon and some marvelous sunsets! There are different colors every night.

From my part of the levee, I see the Crescent City Connection bridge that crosses the Mississippi to the West Bank.

I can also take in the downtown skyline. And ships, tugs and barges pass day and night.

At noon and 7 p.m., the paddlewheeler comes by tooting its horn. On Sunday evenings, the cruise ships head out to the Gulf.

The levee is a good place to sit

and also to fish...

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