Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Country in the city

No, ladies and gentlemen. These are not dyed Easter eggs. They come right out of the hens in those beautiful pastel colors when the chickens are 9th Ward and free-range. I buy them from a local resident with a large flock in his yard. He sells eggs, raw honey and homemade jams every Saturday morning at the Sankofa Farmers Market.

The word sankofa comes from the Akan language of Ghana and translates to return - go - seek. In Akan culture, the Sankofa represents the importance of respecting wisdom of the past while planning and working toward the future.

My egg seller Calvin has a sunny disposition and wears a big straw hat. His spot at the market is under a giant oak tree. He instructs me to return the egg cartons for recycling and I do. Last week, I got $1 off on a second dozen for my next door neighbor.

These eggs are not like any you've ever tasted! They don't require cheese or spices to liven them up. They are deliciously healthy.

Vendors sell kick-ass kale at the market, too. Sometimes, there's live music if you care to linger.

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