Thursday, November 26, 2009

It's Thanksgiving, but feels like Easter

Who knew ducklings could hatch in the fall? Seems like New Orleans' weather is temperate enough for the little ones to find food, learn from mom and stay warm at night. And this isn't the only group of ducklings in Audubon Park lagoon on Thanksgiving Day.

This flock was richly fed by a gaggle of kids armed with bagsful of corn kernals. The ducklings came right up the edge of the water, completely without fear. The mother duck didn't seem worried at all about her 10 youngsters' safety. There are no predators in Audubon Park nor hunters with guns or bows and arrows.

I spoke to a dad who told me the mother duck had been somebody's pet. She couldn't keep four ducks AND dogs in her house, so she had to release her.

All seem quite content and doing well!

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