Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Would you like a song with your soup?

I've always liked soup. And somewhere I got the idea it was healthful. Soup has often been my noontime meal when I've worked in cities where there wasn't a whole lot of good stuff available for lunch.

So, I was happy to learn about Vintage Garden Kitchen through a non-profit newsletter. I was particularly intrigued because fresh soups were being made by ARC Enterprises that employs people with intellectual disabilities - though none I've personally had the pleasure of working with.

So, out in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie, ARC workers cultivate an organic garden from which the chef makes several varieties of fresh, tasty soup every week. AND they'll deliver pints right to your door on Wednesday, assuming you can remember to order online before noon on Tuesday. This week, I ordered Spicy Black Bean, Wild Mushroom Asparagus, Fiery Shiitake Mushroom and Barley and Potato & Leek. (I got a bonus soup for having saved my Mason jars.) The chef is from Northern California, trained at the Culinary Institute, so you know it's all good. He and his wife had a retail business until it was Katrina-d and then he went to work at ARC.

How much better could it get than to have fresh, organic soup in the fridge (that you didn't have to prepare yourself) while making a modest contribution to a worthy non-profit?

So, you're wondering when I will get back to the song part. While I was placing my order online, I noticed a tab that said, "Click below and listen to our song!" Don't you know it's called "Cool Soup" after the Capitols' 1966 Motown hit, Cool Jerk
I do not know who the singers are! Please commenters, fill me in.

If you would like to be transported back to your Grandma’s kitchen, enjoy the Yellow Split Pea soup with a piece of toasted French bread and butter. There is nothing else like it today anywhere! The chef is to be congratulated for preserving fond memories.”—
Paw Paw Ronnie, Metairie, LA

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