Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Any reason for a parade

In New Orleans, there doesn't have to be much of a reason for a parade. Just an open day to march down the streets.

My car was in the shop last week, so I had to do the cross-town trek to pick it up, taking two buses and a streetcar to the land of services. My neighbor cautioned there was a second-line on the main street, so I doubled back to get my camera.

Sure enough, a handful of floats were trundling down the side streets, one carrying some sort of queen and others just folks partying. I asked somebody standing on the curb what the parade was about. He said, it always happens this time of year. Whatever.

Cars were pulled up on the neutral ground as well as huge barbecues. It was bound to be an all day affair.

As I stood watching the floats file by, two guys shouted out and handed me a giant velvet rose. Eventually, the bus came through.

Just another ordinary day in New Orleans.

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