Monday, October 25, 2010

Humidity a shared experience

I got knowing smiles everywhere I went on Saturday, wearing this T-shirt.

I wandered with a friend around the French Quarter and up to Frenchmen Street because the weather was divine - a bit on the cool side and dry. Of course, everyone was incredibly grateful there was little humidity that day.

They were not the kind of smiles that say:

"That's really funny!" nor the smiles that say:

"You look ridiculous," and certainly not smiles that say:

"Ha, I watched that sitcom about Philadelphia."

I am talking about the smiles that say: "I know what you mean!"

Even if you've lived in humidity like Chicago's or D.C., there's nothing comparable, except maybe in Vietnam or Guyana.

It's a thing we all share - coping with 90-degree heat and 90-percent humidity much of the year, a sharing like impoverished share want and mourners share grief and former addicts share recovery. But then there is cool humidity, too, in December and January. It's (almost) always humid in New Orleans.

I bought this T-shirt for a road trip. I always get a new T-shirt for road trips and foot races. Since Katrina, the shirts have had New Orleans' themes to prompt people to ask, "How is New Orleans?" I recently attended a high school reunion in Florida and someone actually asked me if the city was still flooded. They were behind somewhat with the news. No flood, but constant humidity - like the Amazon, I told them.

But it is easy to get a smile in New Orleans, as living here is a shared experience. The T-shirt was just a small costume, even though I'd found matching yellow glasses at the French Market to create a complete ensemble. Check out these folks we met at a bar on Frenchmen street, which was hosting a Halloween costume sale. There were fabulous masks like you'll never see elsewhere.

These bunnies were promoting a kiddie play performed at the Marigny Restaurant, or so they said. It's not Easter, is it? In any case, they were harmless and having a good time. Theirs are not the typical costumes most people associate with New Orleans or Halloween.

Around here, folks in bunny costumes hardly get a second glance.

You've got to admit, he's pretty cute.


  1. Hey awesome Shirt! We're glad you liked it!

    Ellen told us about your blog! Great story, we're glad we could help with a few smiles!

    Thanks again!

  2. a dry day is like christmas come early