Wednesday, March 20, 2013

For those of you too young to remember the milkman, the Fuller Brush man, the Charlie's Potato Chip man (I'm fortunately not old enough to remember the ice man), THIS is an ice cream truck. They were always men in those days because women stayed at home waiting for their kids and husbands.

In my day and in my old neck of the woods, the ice cream man was Good Humor. He came around every day in the summertime.

We still have ice cream vans in New Orleans. They are independently owned and have little tunes they play while driving down the street so you'll run and get your money. Here, they sell Blue Bell from Texas, among other brands.

I love the sound of the ice cream truck even though snoballs - shaved ice covered with syrup - are really New Orleans' traditional hot weather treat.

New Orleans is warm for many months of the year, so there's hardly a time when an ice cream cone or popsicle is unwelcome.

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