Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Baby Boomers fall for New Orleans

New Orleans Advocate
Young entrepreneurs and members of the creative class aren’t the only newcomers who have tuned in to the fact that New Orleans is a great place to live.
If the website Grandparents.com has its way, plenty of over-50 singles will find out for themselves, now that the site has named the Crescent City one of the top six cities in the United States for singles over the age of 50.
“Few cities have as much soul (and flavor) as New Orleans,” according to the site, which describes the city as “filled to the brim with history, artists, musicians and some of the tastiest food you’ll ever eat.”
But what is it that makes New Orleans uniquely suited to single Baby Boomers?
According to the web site, we share a variety of appealing characteristics with the other five cities on the list.
Like New York city (“the center of the universe,” and also “one of the priciest places to retire”), we have multinational restaurants and Broadway theatre, especially now that the Saenger has reopened.
Like San Francisco, also touted for its culinary options, we have many romantic locales that make going out in the city “a date night dream.”
Miami may have the international art festival Art Basel, but we have smaller versions in White Linen Night and Art for Arts’ Sake. Their Art Deco architecture in Miami Beach equates with our Greek Revival architecture in the French Quarter.
As for Pittsfield, Massachusetts and Red Bank, New Jersey (also on the list), we share with them a “hopping music scene,” an “international film festival” thanks to the New Orleans Film Festival, and “beautiful views of the ….river” from waterfront parks including the Fly at the rear of Audubon Park, Woldenberg Park, the new Bywater riverfront park, and the Algiers Point and Holy Cross levees.
There was just one caveat: “The Crescent City has a little something for everyone – as long as you don’t mind a little heat!”
Amen to that.

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